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Stephen A. Rohrer, MSN-RN, APRN, AGACNP-BC

Advanced Wound Care, Mississippi
Successful wound healing requires expertise in the management of bioburdens, biofilms, and microbes. Arkstone's advanced input and patient-specific recommendations have translated to superior results in wound healing and patient satisfaction. This has led to better outcomes, unparalleled medical decision making, and respect among medical professionals in the mid-south.

Cecilia Arriola‑Wulff, BHCM, LVN

Regional Infection Preventionist
The Arkstone Reports provide recommendations and infection control measures that have significantly improved the way we care for patients. It is truly a unique feature that will revamp our antimicrobial stewardship programs.

Dr. Hemant R. Kade, MD

Board Certified ID Specialist at Emerald Coast Infectious Diseases
When it comes to PCR, results can be complicated. Arkstone is a great clinical tool that can help physicians choose the right regimen for their patients.

Matthew Silver

PT/VP of Operations and Rehab Director at Equilibrio Home Health
Arkstone does a great job of identifying pathogens and resistance to certain antibiotics, and we love the fact that the reports use a score to rank treatments that doctors can consider. The Arkstone Report assists our physicians in making wise decisions for antibiotic use and patient care.

Dr. Robert M. Woodard, MD

Virginia Beach, VA
After following the Arkstone antibiotic treatment recommendation my patient's wound is healing, the small red area is gone, and the overall redness has decreased indicating the infection is gone.