The patent-pending ArkScore™ System helps prescribers make better-informed decisions. It combines our expertise in antimicrobial stewardship with proprietary methods, complex algorithms, and a deep understanding of infectious disease.

Through a simple numerical scale, the ArkScore™ communicates the level of antimicrobial resistance expressed in the organisms found, and provide the most effective treatment, with the least risk for adverse events, reducing the unnecessary use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. The nuanced recommendations take into account dozens of factors, including the best route of administration, antibiotic to drug interaction, specific blood work monitoring, and risk of organ failure.

The AMR ArkScore™

measures levels of antimicrobial resistance expressed in the detected organisms. Higher scores denote low resistance, in which case the antibiotic of choice can be given with less concern about adverse outcomes. A lower score indicates higher levels of resistance, limiting the antibiotic options available, increasing risk to the patient.

Antimicrobial Resistance

The ABX ArkScore™

provides important information to the prescriber about the specific antibiotic being recommended. The higher the score, the safer, more effective and less risk-associated with use of that antibiotic. The lower the score the more adverse events and risks to the patient associated with the antibiotic.

Antibiotic Drug

The AMS ArkScore™

provides a more complete picture to prescribers and caregivers by factoring both the AMR and ABX ArkScore™ into one combined score. This overall score takes into account resistance and what drug works best with the safest profile when limited options are available.

Antimicrobial Stewardship