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Simple and easy to follow interpretations of PCR, Next-Gen Sequencing, and Mass Spec give doctors the information they need at their fingertips


Reduce the amount of prescribed medication and improve clinical outcomes and to ensure that patients are not hospitalized longer than needed

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Monthly QA reports and prescription reviews help keep facilities in full compliance with regulations while minimizing toxicity and adverse events

Antimicrobial Resistance


Antibiotic overprescription has lead to a rise in antimicrobial resistance, posing a clear and present danger to modern medicine and worldwide health. Arkstone empowers the healthcare community with tools to make informed medical decisions and reduce that threat.

700 K

Worldwide annual deaths due to Antimicrobial Resistance

50 %

of outpatient antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary or inappropriate

$ 20 Bil

Estimated additional cost to U.S. Healthcare System each year


To save as many lives as possible by reducing the global spread of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and the misuse of antibiotics through continued education, advanced technology, and guidance to the medical community.